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Super-Efficient ‘Solar Village’ Aims to Tackle Fuel Poverty in Wales

The town of Glanrhyd, Pembrokeshire (I’ve never been so thankful to be a writer so I don’t have to attempt to pronounce that name and butcher it in the process) is to become home to one of Wales’ very first… Continue reading →

The World’s Best Terrain Parks for Snowboarders and Skiers

For some, the thrill of chucking themselves down a mountain with nothing to catch them but a couple thin strips of wood has become mundane, or they’ve embraced insanity, one or the other. These adrenaline-craving skiers and snowboarders have now… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm: Snow Petrels

For the most part, the birds which visit the Arctic and Antarctic are migratory, able to escape the coldest months by flying to warmer climates. Some, however, hang around all year round, and the most prominent of these is surely… Continue reading →

Coping with the Perpetual Darkness of Polar Night

Famously, some places spend weeks or even months bathed inconstant sunlight, otherwise known as ‘midnight sun’, or ‘polar day’. Travel further into the polar circle and the opposite happens, long stretches of nothing but night. This comes in a few different… Continue reading →

Tog and Clo Ratings Explained

Tog and Clo ratings, the standard systems used to measure a materials insulation capability, in particular that of duvets, have long confused shoppers. These measurements are rarely used outside of a select few industries, and as such our familiarity with… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm: Arctic Fox

There’s one thing that’s certain about arctic foxes, they’re friggin’ adorable. These animated little tufts of fluff are generally found in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, are almost immediately differentiable from other types of fox due to their… Continue reading →

Endurance Fabric in coldstore clothing increases efficiency.

Why should you worry about longevity When it comes to coldstore workwear, longevity = efficiency. Specialist and certified clothing should be durable and it should be cared for to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. This is for… Continue reading →

Net Fishing Beneath the Ice

In the winter months, when the sea and lakes are frozen over with a thick layer of ice, fishermen need to think a little outside the box for their fishing techniques. One way that fish can be caught from under the… Continue reading →

Tackling Water Shortages with Artificial Glaciers

In areas of the world where rainfall, and water supplies in general, turn scarce during the spring and summer months, local communities depend upon less-conventional sources such as glacial melt waters for their very survival. One such place is Ladakh,… Continue reading →

Vase Breath: Visualise Flames to Warm the Soul

Have you ever been told to “think warm thoughts” after complaining about the cold? Scoff-worthy advice, I’d say. However, there is some merit to this line of thought. After all, it is possible to change your perception of body temperature despite being… Continue reading →

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