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Handy Inventions to Keep You Warm this Winter

As one season draws to a close, another rears its head; arriving on a spectrum from prematurely unwelcome to gloriously late, the next season epitomises the coming months. Spring rejuvenates the environment after the long, cold haul. Summer is a… Continue reading →

Hemp Insulation – The Green Alternative

Hemp truly is one of the most versatile resources on the planet. The seeds are widely used in animal feed and other related industries, while the stems can be converted into fibres with a wide array of potential uses. Hemp… Continue reading →

A Guide to the Different Fireplace Options

There’s nothing better than snuggling up next to a cosy hearth in the heart of winter. A roaring fire appeals to our most basic instincts, keeping us warm and providing safety, although that safety is now from the winter chill… Continue reading →

Weird and Wonderful Ice Formations

Icicles, frosted cobwebs, snow, hail, sleet, we’re used to seeing all of these when the temperature starts to dip, but ice is a lot more versatile than that. Under certain conditions, from wind to temperature to altitude, ice can form… Continue reading →

The Little-Known Base Layer of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, 1953

In 2014, Dutch ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof tried to climb Everest in just a pair of shorts. He got to 6,700 m, but had to turn back when an old injury re-emerged. Nevertheless, the point arises: until Hof, climbers tended to rely on their… Continue reading →

NASA’s Igloo-Style Martian ‘Ice Homes’ Unveiled

With NASA hoping to land humans on Mars in the early 2030s, the race is on to develop systems which may make such a feat possible. Life for humans on the Red Planet will be fraught with danger and challenges both… Continue reading →

How to Dress for Your Arctic Adventure

Surviving in the Arctic can be a difficult task if you don’t go fully prepared for the cold, harsh conditions that are present in that part of the world. The best way to cope in the Arctic environment is to… Continue reading →

The Correlation between Temperature and Radiation – How it Affects our Planet

We’ve all seen the video of Brian Cox holding up a graph to the climate change denier Malcolm Roberts, showing the rise in global temperature. Roberts claimed: ‘We’ve had a pause in this so-called warming for now 21 years.’ He later… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm: Harp Seals

It’s one thing to keep warm out in the icy winds of the Arctic Circle, but what about when you have to take care of that, and figure out a way of withstanding hours spent beneath the surface of the water, where… Continue reading →

Water-Cooled Clothing Explained

Clothing designed specifically to cool you down using water is used in many industries. You might have heard of motorcyclists and race car drivers wearing these garments, but they are also used by medical professionals and their patients, military personnel… Continue reading →

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