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Pressure Relief Valves/Vents (PRVs) in Walk-In Freezers

Pressure Relief Valves, also known as Pressure Relief Vents (although in either case abbreviated to ‘PRV’) are an integral component of an effective, efficient, easy-to-use cooling unit. They facilitate pressure equalisation (which, among other things, ensures that external doors can… Continue reading →

Why do we insist on using Clo Insulation in our coldstore clothing?

The Importance of Breathability Working in the coldstore or any sub zero temperatures it is of highest importance to maintain a comfortable level of warmth for your safety. Warmth is vital, however we regard breathability as just as important. Why? There is… Continue reading →

Frostbite: Stages, Symptoms & Treatment Advice

Frostbite is defined the by the NHS as damage to skin and tissue caused by exposure to freezing temperatures – typically any temperature below minus 0.55C (31F) – and is caused, at least in part, by your body’s natural response… Continue reading →

Spider Silk – The Future of Insulation?

‘Biofabrication’ – it’s a term you might not be familiar with yet, but if things keep moving the way they are, you’ll be hearing it a lot before too long. As the population of the planet continues to climb and… Continue reading →

Should You Wear Your Coat Indoors?

Contrary to what’s apparently popular preference, I wear my coat indoors all the time. My house is cold, I’m sitting down all day, and I’m pretty sure coats are designed to counteract low body temperatures. There are, however, some negative… Continue reading →

Fire Hazards in Cold Storage Facilities

It may sound illogical given the extremely cold conditions, but cold storage facilities actually carry a significant fire risk. There are many contributing factors to this, from chemicals to air composition to simply the storage of flammable goods and packaging…. Continue reading →

Sub-zero Survival on Everest – The Story of Beck Weathers

If ever there was a competition for extreme cold-weather survival combined with nominative determinism, then Beck Weathers would win hands down. Actually, Beck lost his hands to frostbite, but he would win nonetheless. His is an incredible tale of pure… Continue reading →

How Cold is Too Cold to Work?

Cold storage workers and outdoor workers often have to deal with temperatures that would force most people inside, grasping for the firelighters and coco. If you’re getting paid, there’s an obvious incentive to tough it out and carry on, but… Continue reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Thermal Coveralls

So you’ve landed your first job in cold storage, or winter outdoor work, and the first order of business is new threads. While coveralls aren’t essential, many swear by them due to their all-around coverage, freedom of movement and many,… Continue reading →

Essential Tips for Keeping Warm for Cold Store Workers

Working long hours in a cold storage facility can be a significant challenge for your body, particularly so if you’re improperly prepared. There are countless potential health hazards in such a cold environment, from hypothermia to frostbite to various other equally unpleasant conditions; as… Continue reading →

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