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How to take care of your feet when working in a coldstore

Common issues A lot of coldstore and freezer operatives face these common problems with their feet; Itching Odours Peeling Cracking Pain The main cause of these problems is sweat. Not only is a lot of sweat uncomfortable, but it also provides… Continue reading →

The Art of Layering for Superior Warmth

Staying warm isn’t simply a case of throwing on thick clothing and thinking this is enough to keep you from getting cold. This is a poor strategy as you risk protecting some areas of your body and exposing other sections… Continue reading →

What problems can occur without adequate warmwear?

There is a very good reason why companies make sure their workforce is wearing the correct warmwear clothing in cold or freezing environments – because low temperatures can inflict a significant amount of damage on the human body in the… Continue reading →

Quick FAQ to Coldstore Clothing

It is crucial to have the right clothing on when working in cold stores due to the risks involved of being improperly covered, or even in some cases, being too insulated. Prolonged exposure is known to lead to various harmful… Continue reading →

The Many Layers of a Perfect Freezer Wear Kit

If you work in freezers or cold stores then the importance of wearing the right clothing may seem obvious to you. However, it is worth taking some time to revise what you wear in these environments in order to optimise… Continue reading →

Warmth or comfort – which is more important for coldstore workers?

Working in cold environments can be perfectly enjoyable with the correct thermal wear – however, not being dressed properly in such an environment can end up being very uncomfortable whether it’s due to not being warm enough or not being… Continue reading →

FlexiTog’s Favourite Items for Banishing the Cold in Freezers and Cold Stores

Working in freezers and cold stores can be a challenge due to the very low temperatures, making it imperative that appropriate thermal workwear is worn and any other safety precautions taken. At FlexiTog we specialise in creating top quality, durable… Continue reading →

Natural Travel Blog reviews FlexiTog gloves

Flexitog – who specialise in cold-wear workplace clothing for industry but also have a range of leisurewear, including products specifically suitable for dog sledding – asked us to test some of their winter gloves, we were interested to see how… Continue reading →

Why is breathable insulation so important?

When it comes to designing thermal wear that is both warm and comfortable, breathability is a crucial factor. What this term means is that air is still able to circulate through your clothing so that moisture is able to evaporate… Continue reading →

Irish Wing Suit Team ask for our help in record breaking attempt!

We were contacted recently by Steven Duffy a member of the Irish Wingsuit Team. He told us they were planning a record breaking jump that will see them facing temperatures of below -55°C and asked if we could give them advice on protecting… Continue reading →

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