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How to Dress for Your Arctic Adventure

Surviving in the Arctic can be a difficult task if you don’t go fully prepared for the cold, harsh conditions that are present in that part of the world. The best way to cope in the Arctic environment is to… Continue reading →

The Correlation between Temperature and Radiation – How it Affects our Planet

We’ve all seen the video of Brian Cox holding up a graph to the climate change denier Malcolm Roberts, showing the rise in global temperature. Roberts claimed: ‘We’ve had a pause in this so-called warming for now 21 years.’ He later… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm: Harp Seals

It’s one thing to keep warm out in the icy winds of the Arctic Circle, but what about when you have to take care of that, and figure out a way of withstanding hours spent beneath the surface of the water, where… Continue reading →

Water-Cooled Clothing Explained

Clothing designed specifically to cool you down using water is used in many industries. You might have heard of motorcyclists and race car drivers wearing these garments, but they are also used by medical professionals and their patients, military personnel… Continue reading →

The Top 10 (Naturally) Coldest Places on Earth

Our little blue planet plays host to some truly remarkable, yet undeniably extreme, locations, each presenting its own unique set of challenges. From the depths of the Arctic Circle to the heights of the Alps, the most famed of these environments… Continue reading →

Feedback from a new European customer for FlexiTog coldstore PPE

Coldstore PPE customer Feedback from AGRO merchants AGRO Merchants are a large storage and logistics expert in the frozen and fresh food industry. They work across Europe, America, and Asia. As a company that is working in many different countries, they… Continue reading →

Brakes reviews FlexiTog coldstore clothing

FlexiTog coldstore clothing review from Brakes Warm, comfortable and flexible freezer PPE is vital for working in sub-zero temperatures. FlexiTog interviewed Mark Murphy from Brakes to get his feedback from using FlexiTog clothing. FlexiTog: Mark, thanks for joining us for… Continue reading →

US Military Developing High-Tech Energised Fabrics for Soldiers in Cold Climates

Battling against the bitter conditions of the Arctic can be a challenge no matter what activity you are partaking in, particularly so if the elements are not the only battle you’re fighting. For soldiers dispatched to or stationed in these… Continue reading →

Super-Efficient ‘Solar Village’ Aims to Tackle Fuel Poverty in Wales

The town of Glanrhyd, Pembrokeshire (I’ve never been so thankful to be a writer so I don’t have to attempt to pronounce that name and butcher it in the process) is to become home to one of Wales’ very first… Continue reading →

The World’s Best Terrain Parks for Snowboarders and Skiers

For some, the thrill of chucking themselves down a mountain with nothing to catch them but a couple thin strips of wood has become mundane, or they’ve embraced insanity, one or the other. These adrenaline-craving skiers and snowboarders have now… Continue reading →

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