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Introducing the adjustable length leg feature

The adjustable leg length feature means your salopettes or trousers will fit you perfectly, whatever length leg you require. This feature means the legs can be set to three heights, long, medium and short using a robust popper system. Watch… Continue reading →

The Dawn of Energy-Generating Fabrics & Clothing is Fast Approaching

We’ve spoken before about intuitive technologies being incorporated into clothing, whether that be to provide extra warmthor allow for extra functionality such as fitness-tracking software, but one aspect that none of those previous articles addressed is how exactly to power these technologies. Fortunately, more… Continue reading →

Top 5 Ways to Stay Warm in a Car with No Heater

You’re planning a long journey in the cold, but your car heater is broken. In normal circumstances, it’s always best to fix the problem rather than relying on the backups below. The cost of replacing the heater core would be a few… Continue reading →

Snow Drifts – Ice Karting has Become the Latest Winter Sports Craze

We’ve already covered some of the more obscure ways to get your icy thrills. There’s a newly popular addition to the winter roster though, one that follows the familiar pattern of speed, cold, and struggling to hold on to the bare… Continue reading →

Uncomfortable & restrictive coldstore clothing is a thing of the past!

Padded clothing can restrict movement… …If you work in the vicinity of a coldstore – you will know! Like any warehouse, being an operative in a coldstore or freezer warehouse involves a lot of movement. The only difference is that… Continue reading →

How to take care of your feet when working in a coldstore

Common issues A lot of coldstore and freezer operatives face these common problems with their feet; Itching Odours Peeling Cracking Pain The main cause of these problems is sweat. Not only is a lot of sweat uncomfortable, but it also provides… Continue reading →

The Importance of Workwear Breathability

When working in cold conditions, it’s vital that cold storage workers etc. are warm and comfortable. The breathability of fabrics used plays a huge part in how comfortable workers are; with no distraction or discomfort from overheating, the better the… Continue reading →

Winter Construction: Workers Brave the Elements

Weathering the cold is no joke. We bundle ourselves before heading out to the office, going to our cars, or grabbing a coffee on lunch break, but it’s never fun. Layer after layer, we add bulk and annoyance to our… Continue reading →

Cold Storage Warehousing – How it Works

Have you ever wondered how your freezer works? In the earliest stages of cold storage, they literally used ice. Later on technology was developed which allowed them to use Freon, a chemical which has a super cooling effect when it… Continue reading →

The Art of Layering for Superior Warmth

Staying warm isn’t simply a case of throwing on thick clothing and thinking this is enough to keep you from getting cold. This is a poor strategy as you risk protecting some areas of your body and exposing other sections… Continue reading →

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