2 Factors that will increase the productivity of your team in temperature controlled areas


Coldstores can be physically and mentally challenging environments. Often working unsociable hours in sub-zero conditions with little natural sunlight, we look at how can you stop your productivity and pick rates from dropping as low as the temperature!


Alongside incentive programmes, company culture, and making your team feel valued, comfort and safety are of vital importance to your team.


Warmth and comfort is vital for a productive team

Happy workers are more effective so it’s important to consider their health, wellbeing and safety. Working in sub-zero temperatures in coldstores requires special safety gear to prevent the risk of cold stress or hypothermia. By kitting out your team with high quality, thermal jackets, trousers, base layers and head, foot and hand protection, you’ll make their job a whole lot easier and safer.


What makes FlexiTog’s clothing more comfortable?

FlexiTog’s range of performance boosting coldstore clothing offers superior levels of comfort, warmth, durability, flexibility and is designed using breathable insulation and fabrics.


  • Warmth and breathability perfected: FlexiTog has undertaken extensive research on how the body sweats depending on different activity levels working in sub-zero temperatures. By using Clo Insulation in their garments, clothing has been intelligently designed to suit different job roles in the freezer for optimum comfort.


  • Move and stretch with ease: FlexiTog’s jackets are flexible and lightweight and include FlexEasy. FlexEasy is a 4-way stretch fabric panel joining the sleeve and body, that provides greater flexibility and easy movement of arms offering supreme comfort for the wearer.


  • Extra durability using Endurance fabric: Extra protection where it’s needed to maximise strength and durability and make FlexiTog’s garments long lasting. In fact, Endurance fabric is tested to over 100,000 Martindale rubs.


All these factors (and many more featured on FlexiTog’s range) boost the wearer’s comfort levels and therefore boosts their productivity allowing them to move more quickly, more easily and more safely.


Keeping your team safe in sub-zero temperatures

Special coldstore clothing needs to be worn in -5°C and -50°C temperatures to comply with the EN342 certification standard. EN342 specifies the requirements and test methods for garments and clothing combinations designed to keep those working in a cold environment safe. All coldstore clothing should be checked for the standards to make sure they’re fit for purpose.


Footwear is another important factor for safety, so boots must protect feet from extreme cold, bumps, and falling objects and keep toes safe with steel and composite toecaps.


By keeping your team safe and protected, you reduce the risk of injury, illness and the associated time off work that can incur that impacts your pick rates and team productivity.


Revolutionising cold store workwear

Flexitog invests heavily in R&D and their ranges are designed in direct collaboration with coldstore companies with comfort and safety front of mind. Garments are developed alongside premium winter sportswear brands to secure the ultimate in quality materials, like their state-of-the-art Clo Insulation, and design that will help cold storage teams to maximise their productivity and effectiveness.


Visit us at the TCS&D Exhibition on 26th – 27th June

At the upcoming TCS&D Exhibition, Europe’s leading protective cold store and sub-zero temperature workwear brand, Flexitog will be showcasing many innovative features that benefit team productivity.  Expect some exciting new performance-boosting products that offer pioneering thermo-regulating and insulation features.


Ten free Endurance Drive Jackets up for grabs!

The first 10 visitors to book an appointment with the Flexitog team at this year’s TCS&D exhibition on June 26th – 27th at the East of England Arena in Peterborough will be eligible for one free FlexiTog Endurance Drive jacket. Simply email joe.francis@flexitog.com to book your space.


For more information about FlexitTog’s innovative workwear please visit www.flexitog.com

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Last modified: 4th April 2019