Brakes reviews FlexiTog coldstore clothing


FlexiTog coldstore clothing review from Brakes

Warm, comfortable and flexible freezer PPE is vital for working in sub-zero temperatures.

FlexiTog interviewed Mark Murphy from Brakes to get his feedback from using FlexiTog clothing.

FlexiTog: Mark, thanks for joining us for this FlexiTog coldstore clothing review, in general, what do your warehouse guys think of the FlexiTog 2018 range?

Mark: In general they do like it, the new truck drivers and picking jacket are doing really well.

FlexiTog: So how exactly do they prefer the new range?

Mark: Comfort and warmth. With the new technology and the new fibres you are using obviously it’s much more flexible now and they really like them, always hassling me to buy more!

FlexiTog: As the purchasing manager do you think you are getting good value for your money?

Mark: Believe I am yes. As far as against your competitors, price per item, you are the best.

FlexiTog: …And in terms of longevity?

Mark: The kit itself – the coldstore clothing, really really good. We’re getting 12 to 18 months which is really good. We wash and launder them internally now as well which helps.

FlexiTog: How about the endurance glove?

Mark: That’s the Kevlar one (FG690C)? That’s out there at the moment, so far its lasted about 50% longer than the current pairs. So we are hoping that they will work, if they do we will buy them.

FlexiTog: Is there any ways which you believe the X280 range is an improvement on the previous garments?

Mark: I think the Classic range (X280) looks really good, the previous ones seem to wear and get dirty really quickly, with the yellow arms. The new ones seem to be cleaner and look better for a lot longer and the guys do like them. And they are more flexible, not so bulky.

FlexiTog: Do you have any experience with the Endurance coldstore clothing?

Yes, the coldstore clothing obviously you guys were down here when you started developing it, you did all the thermal imaging in the store, so that was the very first we knew of it, that was a long time ago. We’ve got the driver’s jacket (X29J) and the picking jacket (X28B) in use now, the guys do love them, it’s just so easy to move in them, and when you sit down in the truck jacket it obviously doesn’t ride up, it’s cut well, we do like it. We are starting to change over slowly. They stay clean, they don’t get ripped, they seem to be pretty good.

FlexiTog: What would you say about the level of service you receive from FlexiTog?

Mark: Brilliant. Top notch. Order at 3 o’clock and the next morning I’ve got it on the doorstep with UPS, they are out there with the boxes usually by 10 or 11 o’clock so, really really good and you are very good if you haven’t got it, you will tell me. ‘Ive got this alternative at the same price’ which is pretty good. I try and keep the same range with everybody, I don’t want to chop and change, I want everyone looking the same but the service is brilliant, can’t fault it.

FlexiTog: And Finally, what makes you always go back to FlexiTog?

Mark: Number one we’re contracted, it’s the national contract. I have got the flexibility to buy from other people but your service, your price, all the rest of it is really good. We have competitors getting in here all the time, we are trialling a glove with somebody now, hasn’t come out as good as yours yet so always back to FlexiTog, purely on service, and you guys are always engaging with us. Can you try this, can you try that, what do you think of this or that, can we come and talk to you, all that sort of stuff! It’s a good partnership.

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Last modified: 25th June 2018