Would you wear wellington boots to go jogging?


At the TCS&D Exhibition FlexiTog will be launching a new clothing collection called the Active Chill designed purely for use chilled areas.


Wearing wellingtons for jogging could be compared to wearing a jacket that is too warm and bulky in for an active role in chilled areas. That’s why FlexiTog has developed a flexible and lightweight jacket collection specifically for temperatures between -5 to +5°C to add to their ever-popular thermal clothing range.


How can your team experience ultimate comfort in their role?

A team of designers developed the Active Chill collection in direct response to FlexiTog clients’ feedback who were unhappy with their choice of standard pilot jackets or fleeces. Research from working with teams from the largest cold storage business in Europe found that those working in cool environments needed more flexibility, better breathability and a lighter weight jacket to comfortably carry out their duties in temperatures between -5 to +5°C.  


Thermoregulation, the answer to increased comfort and productivity

Having been specifically designed for workers in chilled environments over a period of 18 months, Active Chill jackets will thermoregulate – so they keep the wearer warm and at a consistent temperature for optimum comfort.  


Why is thermoregulation so important?

Keeping a constant temperature is of vital importance for safety, comfort and productivity.


Active Chill jackets offer the perfect balance of warmth and breathability and that balance depends on the temperature of the environment and the users’ activity level. When tested in action at chilled temperatures across multiple activities, Active Chill achieved an overall score 9/10 for breathability, comfort, practicality and resistance against wind.

*Tested by 15 users at Europe’s largest temperature-controlled company.


Proving that a consistent temperature can be maintained

As the graph shows, during extensive testing, Active Chill successfully maintains an incredibly consistent temperature keeping the wearer warm, dry and comfortable.


Are you compliant with health and safety regulations?

The European standard for workwear clothing that should be worn in -5ºC to +5°C is the EN14058. This standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the performance of garments providing protection from cold in cool environments. These clothing standards are to keep staff safe, warm, and comfortable during work.


Active Chill jackets are EN14058-certified to European regulations keeping you and your team safety compliant and include a number of innovative features that can help to boost the wearers’ productivity by allowing them to move more quickly and easily.


Increased flexibility will reduce worker fatigue

The specialist FlexEasy feature is used on the arms and upper back to provide maximum freedom of movement whilst a side panel design prevents the jacket from riding up when stretching.


Would you like to try an Active Chill jacket?

To try out the Active Chill jacket, which is also available in a waterproof version specially designed for the seafood industry, visit FlexiTog at TCS&D Exhibition. The FlexiTog team will be showcasing this new range of exciting performance-boosting products along with their core range of thermal workwear.


Ten free Active Chill Jackets are up for grabs!

The first 10 companies to book an appointment with the FlexiTog team during May at this year’s TCS&D exhibition on June 25th – 26th at the East of England Arena in Peterborough will be eligible for one free FlexiTog Active Chill jacket from their core range. Simply email joe.francis@flexitog.com to book your space.









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Last modified: 24th July 2019