Feedback from a new European customer for FlexiTog coldstore PPE


Coldstore PPE customer Feedback from AGRO merchants

AGRO Merchants are a large storage and logistics expert in the frozen and fresh food industry. They work across Europe, America, and Asia.

As a company that is working in many different countries, they were looking for a coldstore clothing company that could supply a quality solution to all these areas.


AGRO Merchant’s key interests

AGRO take a lot of pride in their company image as well as the protection and well being of their staff which all contributes towards their overall company ‘DNA’ in which is stated the need to ‘Promote a positive attitude towards employee and workplace safety’.

With this in mind, we recently introduced our product range to sites in Europe to show them exactly how FlexiTog could help them meet their ambitions, this is their initial response…


Coldstore PPE customer feedback from Gerbrand Goede, Procurement & Contracting – Agro Merchants Group:

FlexiTog: In general, what do the warehouse staff think of the new clothing?

Staff are very content with the new clothing, perfectly suitable for the day to day use in operation. Due to the materials used, we experience a high level of comfort, combined with a great sense of temperature. That is of a high impact since we work under -27 up to 4 degrees.


As the purchasing manager, do you think you are getting good value for your money?

The value of money is high. One of our companies used to work with the FlexiTog items. By combining our volumes and developing a suitable clothing line for all our sites, with FlexiTog we managed to create a great pricing strategy and service level for exactly the right clothing solutions we were looking for.

Are there any ways you believe the FlexiTog is an improvement on any previous garments you may have been using?

With FlexiTog we realized a high level of ‘fit to use’, and a great look and feel in colours and the AGRO branding. We see that the personnel have a high valuation of company pride in wearing these clothes under the AGRO brand, which was not the situation before we changed supplier.


What would you say about the level of service you receive from FlexiTog?

The service level is high. Because we planned a rebranding operation in Portugal with quite a short notice, we needed FlexiTog to step in in order to get the first delivery in time. And they succeeded in that, resulting in a great re-opening kick off. Besides that, FlexiTog continuously offers further development in safety and comfort of the items for our personnel.

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Last modified: 4th September 2019