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Wearing thermal jackets in the workplace is of course primarily about keeping your body warm and protecting you from the cold, but there’s no harm in adding a bit of style and class to your look. At FlexiTog, we understand that our customers might want a little bit more than practicality, which is why we have released our fantastic new range of jackets for men and women combining functionality with style. Expertly blending fashion with practicality, our new range of stylish jackets are perfect either in the workplace or out and about in your life.


Men’s Jacket Range
Warrin Jacket
Our Warrin Jacket is based on our bestselling chiller jacket but with a colourful and sleek design to make it one of the most stylish jackets on the market. Coming in sizes as small as XS up to XXXXL, the Warrin Jacket is designed with a modern tailored fit to ensure it stays comfortable no matter where you go. The vibrant green strips juxtaposed with a cool grey allow this jacket to seamlessly combine professionalism with flair, making it ideal both in and out of the workplace.
Samson Jacket
The Samson Jacket is modelled on our Altitude 260 freezer jacket and incorporates numerous features to offer both comfort and warmth including a FlexEasy design for optimum elasticity and flexibility. In addition to this, BreathEasy Panelling helps create the ideal level of temperature regulation and air flow so that you feel just right in all environments.
Jacob Jacket
Another jacket inspired by our excellent Altitude 260 freezer jacket, the Jacob Jacket comes in a striking blue colour and offers multiple features including glove cuffs to protect your arms from the cold. As well as boasting FlexEasy and BreathEasy Panelling, the jacket utilises Clo Insulation to provide the perfect level of insulation and breathability.

Women’s Jacket Range

Olivia Jacket
Our new Olivia Jacket offers the perfect blend of warmth and style, combining state-of-the-art sub-zero clothing technology with a sleek design, you can depend on the Olivia Jacket to keep you warm and stay looking good in all weathers. Coming in sizes between XS (8) and XXL (18), this jacket is as stylish as it is practical.
Lalia Jacket
The Lalia Jacket is ideal for those who like to stay active, offering a comfortable fit and the latest thermal technology to keep you warm. The jacket also features glove cuffs which offer some much-needed protection to your hands and arms, while its visually dazzling red strips give the jacket vibrancy and personality.
Bonnie Jacket
With its subtle design combining various hues of blue and grey, the Bonnie Jacket is the ultimate in understated style. Whether its keeping warm in the workplace or protecting yourself from high winds out in the wilderness, the Bonnie Jacket can be relied upon to keep you warm and also features glove cuffs to protect your hands and arms.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017