Essential Tips for Keeping Warm for Cold Store Workers


Working long hours in a cold storage facility can be a significant challenge for your body, particularly so if you’re improperly prepared. There are countless potential health hazards in such a cold environment, from hypothermia to frostbite to various other equally unpleasant conditions; as such, anything you can do to stave of the cold should become second nature, lest an uncomfortable environment turn into a deadly one.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of simple things you can do to help keep yourself warm when working in cold storage.

The Proper Clothing

Ensuring that you’re equipped with the correct attire for the job at hand is absolutely crucial, as this will likely have the largest effect on your body temperature. If the job requires it, these garments will typically be provided by your employer, but make sure you’re making use of what you’re given, and supplement it with your own extras where needed.

Make Sure it Fits!

Wearing overly-loose or baggy clothing will pretty much kill all of its insulating capabilities by allowing cold air to get straight in through any gaps around sleeves, collars etc. On the other hand, wearing clothing that is too tight could restrict blood flow; as your blood is your body’s natural highway for heat, this could cause severe issues. The advice is simple – make sure it fits!

Keep Hydrated

C air tends to be significantly drier than warmer air, meaning that time spent in a cold storage environment will result in your body losing water at a faster rate as the dry air draws it in. To counteract this, staying hydrated is essential.

Avoid Sweating

Excessive sweating, aside from the obvious added chill of having moisture sat on your body, will severely impact the insulating capabilities of your clothing, so try to avoid it where possible. Reduce layers for strenuous activity and increase years for more static jobs to find a happy medium.

Dietary Decisions

We’ve discussed before here at Keep Me Warm how your diet can have a noticeable impact on how well your body copes will cold environments. A healthy diet will provide you with all the necessary nutrients – just bear in mind that those working in cold environments tend to have a higher metabolism as a result.

Sam Bonson

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Last modified: 16th April 2018