Padded clothing can restrict movement…

…If you work in the vicinity of a coldstore – you will know!

Like any warehouse, being an operative in a coldstore or freezer warehouse involves a lot of movement. The only difference is that in a coldstore, with temperatures sometimes ranging down to  the minus 40’s, insulated clothing has to be worn.

In years gone by, the options available have been to layer up well or wear thick padded clothing that is uncomfortable to work in and restricts movement – However the times have changed!


Workwear that does allow movement is vital

Through research and testing we know:

  • The more exertion it takes to reach something, walk or bend over the more tired you will feel at the end of the shift. By being able to move that slight bit easier for one task adds up to a large amount of reduced fatigue throughout the day.
  • Clothing that does not allow movement can ride up when you bend or stretch, creating gaps and letting cold air inside your protective clothing.
  • Comfort. Simple, but working in comfort has proven to increase the effectiveness of the user.


Is there a solution?

Fortunately, there is something that will resolve these problems, look out for a feature called ‘Flexeasy’.

Flexeasy is a patented feature that helps the jacket ‘move with the body’ rather than creating tight spots or riding up.


FlexEasy VS non FlexEasy



The final product

FlexEasy is a 4 way stretch fabric panel joining the sleeve and body, that provides greater flexibility and easy movement of arms. Insulated clothing that is uncomfortable to work in and restricts movement? No longer.


Jackets that have the FlexEasy Technology


Endurance Drive Jacket

Classic 280 Jacket

Altitude 260 Jacket

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