FlexiTog’s Favourite Items for Banishing the Cold in Freezers and Cold Stores


Working in freezers and cold stores can be a challenge due to the very low temperatures, making it imperative that appropriate thermal workwear is worn and any other safety precautions taken. At FlexiTog we specialise in creating top quality, durable thermal workwear that can help you to banish the cold in freezers and cold stores.

When it comes to choosing your workwear we have a wide array of products available whether its coveralls to wrap up completely or specialised gloves and boots. Given the sub-zero temperatures in freezers and cold stores it is vital that you sport thermal wear to avoid harming your health, while our boots and gloves are also fitted with safety features to improve your grip when handling goods or walking around.

X24C Coldstore Coverall

Offering everything you need to fight the cold in sub-zero temperatures, the X24C Coldstore Coveralls are the perfect all-in-one solution. This item comes with StretchEasy Gussets and nylon elasticated cuffs which can improve flexibility to ensure you stay comfortable on the job, while the built-in Hi-Viz panels increase your visibility in low-light environments. Coming in sizes from Small all the way up to XXXXL, the X24C Coldstore Coveralls are also manufactured to EN342 specs so you know you’re investing in a reliable and durable item.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017