Four FlexiTog Products that Provide Unbeatable Warmth


Although the cold, whether it be outside or inside in cold stores and industrial freezers, may be something that many people dread, it need not be such a difficult thing to contend with due to some of our FlexiTog products. As the leading UK company for thermal clothing to help you beat the cold, we offer a vast range of products to suit all of your needs ranging from mildly cold conditions to sub-zero temperatures.

Just how well you can endure the cold will determine how much you need to cover yourself up and how many layers you need. Those with a natural resilience to the cold may find that just a few layers and a pair of our gloves may do the trick, whereas those who find it difficult to withstand cold will find warmth with one of our great jackets or gilets.


Thermal Base Layers

When most people think about beating the cold, they envision wrapping up in a large coat, hat and gloves. While this can appear effective, it is not always the best way to beat the cold and some people find the comfort and warmth of a thermal under-layer added to their usual clothing to be to their liking.

Thermal Base Layer products are specifically designed to provide warmth to the core of your body, helping you to stay warm without necessarily needing to make any changes to what you usually wear on the outside. These great products come in the form of Long John trousers to provide warmth to the lower body, Thermal Vests for your upper body and socks for your feet.


Chiller Gloves

Your hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when it comes to the cold, and can often be the area people feel most discomfort in. FlexiTog Chiller Gloves are the perfect solution to warming your hands. Our Chiller Glove range also emphasises providing grip and control so that you do not lose your dexterity and deftness of touch, making them perfect for those working in cold stores.

Vermont 75 Hat

The Vermont 75 knitted acrylic hat provides both comfort and warmth as well as a smart look to make it suitable both on and off the job. The hat utilises acrylic hollow fibre to increase insulation and heat retention, while the hat is also very lightweight so it won’t lead to discomfort.
Despite its great heat retention, the Vermont 75 also offers breathability so that it does not become too warm in milder conditions, yet is still capable of performing exceptionally in freezing conditions.

Ice Diamond 503 Boots

Freezing conditions can often be treacherous to traverse, making it especially important that you are wearing footwear that you can rely on. Ice Diamond 503 Boots are precisely that, providing warmth and strength when you need it most.
The 3-layer construction of the Ice Diamond 503 helps to retain as much warmth as possible, while the specially formulated PU ensures a greater grip and less cracking in freezing conditions.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017