Here’s to 2019!


We trust that you have had a prosperous 2018 and look forward to continuing to work together throughout 2019 and beyond.

We would like to take this opportunity to quickly outline some of the changes that will be happening this year!

New Products

We are constantly striving to improve our product range to offer the warmest and most comfortable options out there, this year we are planning to introduce the following products:

  • Touchscreen freezer and chiller gloves
  • All new Ice Diamond freezer footwear range with the innovative thermo-regulating system
  • The release of the FlexAir chiller jacket – designed for 0-8°C
  • The release of the FlexAir seafood jacket – a waterproof jacket designed for those handling seafood products
  • Fully hi-vis EN471 rated freezer jacket

Watch this space for more developments!


Increasing Production

In 2018, FlexiTog has grown, strengthened and taken on new contracts over 2018, domestically and abroad, that have demanded much greater volumes than forecasted stretching our production to the limit. For you, this may have meant that you didn’t receive some goods as quick as we both would have hoped, however, we are pleased to inform you that after a long and painstaking journey we have now secured extra capacity with a further manufacturing facility. This will boost our capacity tremendously comfortably fulfilling your needs throughout 2019 and into the future.


Preparing for Brexit

With Brexit just around the corner, we just wanted to ensure you that we are currently taking every precaution to make sure we can supply you with what you need this year to keep everyone in your temperature controlled facility warm and comfortable. This involves strategies that will keep our stock at a consistent level throughout this uncertain period, as we know exactly how important our product is to those in the frozen food industry.



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Last modified: 11th January 2019