The Ice Diamond, the NEW benchmark in freezer footwear


Why is the Ice Diamond the warmest freezer boot?

The new Ice Diamond boots are the only boots on the market to offer the ultimate warmth and comfort by using a unique thermal boot liner system with three different thicknesses available. The top thickness being a unique 5-layer construction offering far superior warmth to a standard leather freezer boot.


Have your staff ever complained to you about cold feet?

The proof is in the stats –  Experts and academics from the University of Caen in France have tested the Ice Diamonds alongside 7 other well known freezer boots. The test involved use of the PPE for a period of 1 hour 40 minutes at -23c then the toe temperature was measured by a thermochron device. We are pleased to announce that the Ice Diamond increased from 24.3°C to 26.2°C, whereas the temperature in most other boots decreased. This was an 11.5 % increase in performance compared to the freezer boot in second place and an amazing 36% warmer than the lowest performer. Can you afford to overlook this boot?


It’s no surprise that the Ice Diamond concept is trusted by over 250 cold stores

The current Ice Diamond technology has been available since 2006 and its style and design has won the trust of over 250 sites across the UK and Europe. Feedback such as ‘this boot is the warmest boot my team have tried’ can only fortify trust in this product.


Thermoregulation – the new buzz word!

Not only is this boot the one that offers you the most warmth on the market, but it is also thermoregulating! With three thickness liners to be chosen in conjunction with the three new Ice Diamond boot styles, there will be a solution for every coldstore operative, whether they are a driver or a picker.


No foot is exactly the same. Differences in circulatory systems, a person’s age and just how someone ‘feels’ the cold means that so far, there hasn’t been a fully effective freezer boot that’s suitable for everyone. That’s why we have introduced more than 1 Liner so that the wearer can choose their level of warmth.


From super warmth to ultra breathable, your team can choose! And what’s more, without additional cost!


Fresh Design

Between shifts, it’s quick and easy to swap to a clean liner for total freshness. As well as having hygiene benefits, having a removable liner also increases the life of the boot. This is a major benefit compared to the standard market offering where the insulation or fur gets compressed therefore far less effective.


Are YOU protected against the threat of frostbite?

If not properly treated, frostbite can cause permanent physical damage and in some cases can even lead to amputation. But really business owners and Coldstore health and safety managers should never need to treat symptoms of extreme cold – instead, they can simply be preventing them by ensuring that their cold store warehouse teams are kitted out with adequate protection.


Not only will that keep businesses covered against expensive legal claims in case of injury, but it shows a clear commitment and dedication to your team’s welfare.


Where can you see the Ice Diamond?

Launching at this year’s TCS&D conference on 25th and 26th June, we invite you to try our innovative new Ice Diamond thermoregulating boots with removable liners – the ONLY boot you’ll need to wear whilst working in sub-zero temperatures. Can’t make it? Contact us to receive a sample.

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Last modified: 4th June 2019