Irish Wing Suit Team ask for our help in record breaking attempt!


We were contacted recently by Steven Duffy a member of the Irish Wingsuit Team. He told us they were planning a record breaking jump that will see them facing temperatures of below -55°C and asked if we could give them advice on protecting them from these extreme temperatures.


After a few emails and phone calls back and forth with Ryan Briston (One of our Senior Account Managers) an internal meeting was called where it was decided that this would a perfect testbed for our technology and insulation. So, we offered to design and manufacture some tailor made thermal bodysuits for them.


The requirements from the wingsuit team.

  1. Extremely Flexible – need to maintain maximum movability for control of wingsuit
  2. Lightweight and streamline – Needs to fit under the wingsuit without affecting the dynamics
  3. As warm as possible please! Oh, and comfortable!
  4. Can we have 3 suits made to measure?
  5. And one last thing, we need them in 4 weeks time!


Bit of a tight deadline but not unachievable!

So full speed ahead. Our development team were on the case.

The main difference here is that these garments would need to be pretty much skin-tight to enable streamline design and to fit under the wingsuit, whereas most garments designed for extreme temperatures allow some space between the body and garment, as this traps air creating a microclimate that is an essential element in keeping you warm.


So how to achieve the same warmth with a skin tight design?

Our development team assessed and looked at all the factors…

  1. First came the initial concept designs.
    This looked at formulation of the garment panel’s patterns and stitching.
  2. Next was the sourcing and testing of outer and inner lining fabrics?
    It’s extremely important to use the right materials for breathability, permeability, elasticity and composition. Getting the right balance is imperative to maximise heat retention and comfort.
  3. Then comes the specialist insulation – one of the most important factors!
    For this we contacted our trusted supplier Clo Insulation, factoring in the choice of our fabrics we chose an insulation using a unique formulation of fibres for maximum breathability, permeability and good wind resistance factor.
  4. Testing and perfecting
    We created the initial suits and ran some internal tests, tweaked the suits a little until we were confident the concept designs we’re the best they could be. And then…
  5. The final results.
    The final suits we’re created. Each suite was made to measure working from body measurements and factoring in the outer suite size and measurements.


Then came the acid test. The suits went off to the team and after their initial tests a resolute response…

“These thermal bodysuits that are crazy freaking warm!”

So all thats left is to find out if the team have officially broken any world records.

To be continued…

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Last modified: 7th July 2017