Our Top Thermal Clothing Picks for Keeping Warm in Wintery Warehouses


Wrapping up warm when working outdoors is vitally important for a number of reasons. As well as helping you and your employees stay comfortable and warm, it’s also crucial to maintain health and safety standards and ensure all workers can perform their duties in an optimum condition.
At FlexiTog, we specialise in creating high-quality thermal workwear for all parts of the body. We understand just how difficult it can be to work in cold and freezing conditions, so our products are designed not only with functionality in mind but also comfort.
Here are some of our top thermalwear picks for wintery warehouses:

Chiller Jacket X12J
A crucial part of any winter workwear, a good jacket keeps all of your vital organs warm and offers excellent protection from the bitter winter winds. Our Chiller Jacket X12J incorporates many important features to provide warmth and comfort in one jacket. With a high fleece collar and IFX Thermo Reactive Wadding to maximise
warmth, you’ll never feel the cold in this jacket. In addition to this, the jacket is built with HTTY rip-stop fabric to maximise durability and the elastic waistband ensures a tight and comfortable fit.
Hi-Viz Thermo Grip 21
The Hi-Viz Thermo Grip 21 gloves offer many great qualities that can prove invaluable in cold environments. These gloves come with coated fingers and rubberised palms to improve grip and increase resilience, while the hi-viz colour is important to boost visibility. As well as this, the gloves are constructed with 10 gauge thermal acrylic to further increase strength and the elasticated wrist and pre-curved design makes for a natural fit to the hand.
Insulated Knitted Hat 75
The FH75 insulated hat is a one size fits all design that is perfect for keeping your head warm in cold weather. The hat is made with hollow fibre technology which allows heat to be retained more efficiently, while the insulated brushed lining adds a further layer of insulation. With an increased turn up size, this hat also offers further protection to the forehead and ears for when it really gets cold.
Chiller Trousers X12T
Warm trousers are a must in any cold environment, especially if you are on your feet a lot as your legs need to stay warm to function optimally. Our Chiller Trousers X12T are manufactured with a unique blend of IFX Thermo Wadding and HTTY Fabric, which improves insulation and helps prevent rips. There are many other great features such as a pre-curved knee to reduce fatigue and anti-rot thread to boost longevity and durability.
Deluxe Leather Safety Boots 302
A trustworthy pair of boots is important in cold environments, not just for the superior warmth and insulation but also to improve grip in potentially slippery environments. Our Deluxe Leather Safety Boots are also designed with a 200J Composite Toecap fitted which can be especially important in warehouses where many heavy goods are moved around.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017

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