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Vase Breath: Visualise Flames to Warm the Soul

Have you ever been told to “think warm thoughts” after complaining about the cold? Scoff-worthy advice, I’d say. However, there is some merit to this line of thought. After all, it is possible to change your perception of body temperature despite being… Continue reading →

4 Essential Accessories for Cold Storage Work

When you start working in cold storage the first, most obvious considerations are clothing and safety gear. Coats, coveralls, boots, gloves, hi-viz vests and hard hats are your top priorities, but is there anything you can do beyond that to… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm – Narwhal

Narwhals are, in every respect, utterly bizarre. They were the source of seaborne legends for centuries, as sightings of them were taken to be close encounters with sea monsters, and their long tusks were often sold as unicorn horns by… Continue reading →

Defining a Polar Climate

When referring to a polar climate people naturally think of the North and South Poles, but the true definition is a lot more complicated than simply saying ‘it’s at the poles’. In fact, the Arctic and Antarctica are defined as… Continue reading →

How Temperature Affects our Sense of Smell

Scent plays an important role in our lives. A distinctive smell can promote happiness, inspire our imaginations and bring memories to the forefront of our minds. With that in mind, the mechanisms behind our sense of smell can be both… Continue reading →

Insulation in Space – How do Astronauts Keep Warm?

Space suits have to be designed to cope with extreme temperatures. Depending on the position of the sun, temperatures can plunge to -233°C (-387°F) or soar to reach around 135°C (275°F), so the suit needs to be very well insulated… Continue reading →

How They Keep Warm: The Japanese Macaque

We’ve written about the crazy survival adaptations and techniques that some animals use to keep warm. From huddling penguins to blubbery seals, energy-converting polar bears to narwhal flipper heat exchanges, nature and evolution have spawned some truly impressive ways to… Continue reading →

How Tibetan Monks Deal with the Extreme Cold of the Himalayas

People from elsewhere in the world go through rigorous training to conquer the harsh, punishing climate of the Himalayas, so it can be easy to forget that people do actually live there, and what’s more, they’ve lived the same simple,… Continue reading →

Tips for Dealing with Condensation in Cold Storage

Humidity is perhaps the second most important consideration in cold storage after temperature. Low condensation levels can cause goods to dry out, but high levels can cause electronic malfunctions, rotting food goods, mold or bacterial build-up. Such things can render… Continue reading →

How Overdressing in Cold Storage Environments Can Damage Productivity & Create Health Risks

When working day-in, day-out in the bitter chill of a cold storage facility, you could be forgiven for thinking that more will always be better when it comes to clothing; in fact, this is a surprisingly common misconception. Many just… Continue reading →

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