Quintessential components to keep your workers warm


Many areas of work involve being in cold or freezing conditions for extended periods of time. Whether it’s outdoor work or being inside refrigerated areas, it is absolutely vital to the wellbeing of workers to ensure they are kept warm and protected from the cold. At FlexiTog we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable workwear that can keep people warm no matter how freezing it is.

At FlexiTog we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable workwear that can keep people warm no matter how freezing it is.

Different conditions require different levels of protective clothing – getting the right balance is vital as you don’t want protective gear that is either too warm or too cool for the conditions you will be working in. There is also the issue of offering the correct level of protection from certain hazards common in freezing environments such as slippery surfaces and a wet environment. FlexiTog offer everything you could possibly need to keep your workers warm and safe in all conditions with products such as the IceWalker anti-slip freezer boots, coldwear jackets and freezer/chiller gloves.


Understanding your environment

Perhaps the most crucial initial component to keeping your workers warm is to reach a correct understanding of the environment that they will be working in so that you can invest in suitable protective gear. For example, workers performing their duties in a cold, refrigerated environment will not require the heavy duty protective gear that is necessary in freezing conditions, and vice versa. Just how cold conditions are can dictate whether only basic thermal clothing is required or if more advanced gear such as thermal socks and insulated hats are necessary to provide adequate protection from the cold.


Cover up with protective gear

You only need one area of your body exposed to suffer from the cold, so it’s important to provide your workers with sufficient protective gear offering full coverage. Insulated jackets, coats and trousers offer basic coverage of your body, but in many cases more gear may be required to offer full protection. Covering up correctly can not only protect you from feeling the cold, but also from more sinister things such as freezer burn and pneumonia.


Grip can be crucial to worker safety

Given that a lot of lifting, moving and other strenuous physical labour is undertaken in cold or freezing environments, it can be especially important to ensure your workers have sufficient grip on their gear given that cold and freezing conditions can cause surfaces and objects to become more slippery. Specialist boots offering a superior level of grip to regular footwear can be crucial in freezing environments, while gloves with additional grip can make life much easier and safer when working in cold conditions.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017