The Many Layers of a Perfect Freezer Wear Kit


If you work in freezers or cold stores then the importance of wearing the right clothing may seem obvious to you. However, it is worth taking some time to revise what you wear in these environments in order to optimise your health and safety and keep warm and comfortable during your prolonged periods in the cold.

The trick is to maintain your body at an optimal temperature, and the best way to ensure that you have everything you need to do this, is to think about your kit from your head to your toes. Check everything off of your list from your hat to your boots, and everything in between, and don’t leave any part of your body unprotected from the freeze.

  • Headwear. Keeping your head warm and protected is essential in extremely cold environments like freezers, to make sure that you do not unnecessarily lose heat. Headwear like the Clo-I Insulated hat is great for keeping warm, whist remaining comfortable. In the coldest of environments a balaclava, such as the adjustable fleece balaclava, may be useful to keep the rest of your face warm and protected from frostbite.
  • Clothing. The clothing that you will potentially need encompasses a large range of items, from jackets and gilets to trousers, and salopettes. Jackets such as the X330 Freezer Jacket are ideal, as they are designed specifically for use in freezers and cold stores with thick yet lightweight wadding to trap
    extra air for warmth, and durable fabric to stand up to harsh conditions. Layering your clothing, with lighter layers close to the skin, will help you to be prepared for any eventuality, and will also help to trap air in between the layers- keeping you even warmer.
  • Gloves. Freezer Gloves are really important for protecting your hands whilst handling items in freezers, providing great grip and keeping your hands warm so that their functionality is not impaired.
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Last modified: 7th July 2017