Warmth or comfort – which is more important for coldstore workers?


Working in cold environments can be perfectly enjoyable with the correct thermal wear – however, not being dressed properly in such an environment can end up being very uncomfortable whether it’s due to not being warm enough or not being dressed in comfortable clothing. Given the amount of work and movement coldstore workers put in each day, there definitely needs to be the right balance between warmth and comfort so that workers are satisfied in both areas.

Some thermal clothing can be a bit too bulky and encumbering as it tries to achieve maximum warmth and become too difficult to wear when performing physical tasks. Conversely, thermal clothing that is very comfortable and flexible may not be capable of offering enough insulation to cope with the low temperature in your environment. At FlexiTog, we use all of our experience and knowledge on thermal wear to design thermal clothing capable of offering the best of both worlds in clothing for coldstore workers.

The benefits of warmth

The most obvious benefit for warmth is the fact that your body can become seriously harmed after prolonged exposure to the cold, so it is absolutely vital to wrap up warm when working in a coldstore. Even if you are wearing thermal wear, if it isn’t quite insulated enough then you’re going to be feeling cold throughout your shift and this can have a huge impact on performance and employee happiness.
Being cold can also significantly hamper your ability to use your body as it can impact on area such as grip, balance and focus. This is something that not only will decrease a worker’s performance levels but it can also pose a serious health and safety risk as workers may not be able to grip objects as tightly.

Staying comfortable

While it might seem that staying warm is the most important thing to do in a coldstore, this isn’t necessarily the case as wearing very uncomfortable clothing can also seriously impact on performance, safety and morale. Even if you’re very warm, many coldstore workers need to be agile on their feet and have the flexibility to perform complex physical tasks.
A jacket that is far too tight or bulky can pose a health risk and workers may find they can’t carry things properly, or it can cause a person to feel very uncomfortable throughout their shift and not allow them to focus their mind on the task at hand. This is why it’s vital to strike the right balance between comfort and warmth or a series of problems can quickly arise.


Finding the right balance

FlexiTog products were designed to ensure there are no weak spots to your thermal wear, allowing you to stay both comfortable and warm. Whether its jackets that allow for flexible movement without compromising on insulation or a pair of gloves offering both warmth and comfort, FlexiTog products are favoured by many leading companies and business across the country.

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Last modified: 7th July 2017