Why do we insist on using Clo Insulation in our cold store thermal clothing?


The Importance of Breathability

Working in the cold store or any sub-zero temperatures, it’s important to maintain a comfortable level of warmth for your safety. Warmth is a vital feature of cold store protective thermal clothing, however, we regard breathability as just as important.

Why? There is a very good reason for this. Some cold store clothing uses insulation that is cheap to source and whilst it will keep you perfectly warm, it’s not breathable so once you start sweating, you’ll hit trouble. As well as making you feel uncomfortable, moisture that is trapped inside your garment actually has an adverse effect on your warmth. Once it moves away from your body it will cool quickly (especially if you are working in sub-zero temperatures) leaving you in an unsafe and uncomfortable situation.

Adversely, if a garment is highly breathable, it that means perspiration is wicked away from your body quickly keeping you warm, comfortable and able to work in safety.

Clo Insulation is an innovative company that has developed insulation and padding mainly for use in ski wear and clothing used for high activity sports applications in cold temperatures. Clo has a high appreciation of the importance of breathability and their market leading innovations have won awards to prove this.

That’s why we won’t settle for anything less than Clo Insulation in our cold store clothing.

Different levels of breathability

There are different job roles in the freezer warehouse, some are highly active (picking) and some do not require so much physical exertion (forklift driving). We understand that cold store workers also have preferences on the warmth and weight of their garment, that’s why we don’t just offer one choice of Clo Insulation in our workwear but offer varying weights and levels of breathability.


Vivo is used in the FlexiTog Endurance Active Jacket and offers a 30% increase in breathability with 0% decrease in warmth.

This insulation is perfect for high activity job roles.

Vivo is an innovative concept where a series of tiny holes are set within the insulation to increase the breathability without losing thermal performance. The holes are a unique size – small enough to allow air to circulate thus trapping the air to maintain the insulation properties, but also increase the transportation of moisture at the same time. Tests and awards prove that this insulation is a marketleading product.

View coldstore clothing with Vivo insulation



Used in the Endurance Drive Collection, Teknica insulation strikes an unbelievable balance between warmth and breathability. Although Teknica insulation is high above the industry standard for breathability, it’s not as breathable as Vivo insulation for an important reason. This is so that it provides a higher level of warmth for those that may not always require the highest level of breathability but require more warmth, such as forklift drivers.

This insulation has specially designed ‘I fibres’. The shape of these fibres encourages moisture from the body to be quickly wicked away whilst having no effect in the warmth level. This is because the channels in the ‘I fibres’ also trap heat.

Teknica has a luxury feel and stable composition which is perfect for keeping you comfortable in harsh environments.

View coldstore clothing with Teknica insulation


Next up, Univa is used in our Classic range, It uses a mixture of ‘I fibres’ and ‘hollow fibres’. This makes the insulation more breathable than a ‘standard’ insulation due to the shape of the fibres being able to wick moisture away from the body.

View coldstore clothing with Univa insulation


Other brands using Clo Insulation:

For more information on the type of protective clothing you need to wear in sub-zero temperatures, you can download our clothing guide for free. In this useful guide, you’ll learn all about the certifications for cold store clothing and understand what clothing is suitable for each environment to help you work safely and comfortably.


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Last modified: 9th May 2019